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Texel beach Paal 9 - Den Hoorn

De Slufter

Trying to walk in a storm in De Slufter

Looking at the lighthouse Texel

Walking in De Slufter

Beautiful sunset at the Paal 9 beach

Paal 9 beach

Sunset at the Paal 9 beach

just before the rain

Paal 9 beach today!

Texel lamb

Young cow close-up

Full moon today

Bird enjoying her meal

Texel sheep - Westerweg Den Burg

A day at the Texel beach

Sheep near De Schans - Oudeschild

Paal 17 beach pavilion

Texel sheep near De Schans

De Schans - Oudeschild

New born Texel lamb 2016

Ruijslaan bij Ecomare

Redoute, near Waterweg

Dark clouds at the Ceres beach

Goose on guard

Little path near Den Burg

Seagulls enjoying the sun


Paal 17 beach

Seagulls at the paal 17 beach

New born lamb - testing new camera