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Molenstraat Den Burg Texel

Looking outside at the ZOUT exhibition

Looking at den Helder from the Ceres beach

Looking at the TESO ferry

Building site Rozendijk

A hole in the clouds

Ceres beach - Oudeschild - Texelpics

Ship Ahoy - Ceres beach - Texel

Pontweg - Texelhopper - busstop

Pontweg near Den Burg

My wife at the Ceres beach - Texel

Beautiful calm sea at Ceres beach

Elisabeth Christina 2004


Foggy morning near 'Skillepaadje' Oudeschild

No dogs aloud

Looking at Oudeschild

WR 226 - Wieringen fishing near the Texel coast

Hoge Berg area in early morning fog

Kitesurfers at Ceres beach - Texel

Paal 17 beach

Walking on the Texel beach

Lighthouse Texel

Texel beach near Paal 8

Lighthouse Texel

Texel beach Paal 8 today

Dark clouds over Texel

Sunrise - Hogeberg area

TX41 op huus an...

Sunrise - Texel

A foggy morning...

Early morning Hoge Berg area

Spiderweb's & morning fog

Beautiful beach house

side by side

Beach Paal 21 De Koog

beach pavilion + terrace Paal 21 De Koog

Man with dog at Paal 21 beach

Lighthouse Texel - Paal 33

Texel beach Paal 11

Sheep on the beach - De Hors Texel

Perfect light on the Paal 21 beach

De Waal

Sarasani Festival site near Den Burg