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Texel dunes

Merry Xmass

Christmas tree 2011

Casa Molero tapasrestaurant Den Burg

Fishing rolls

On my way to Oudeschild

Wet grass

Rotten tree

Oudeschild in fog

Texel sheep in foggy landscape

Foggy morning

Autumn on Texel

Beautiful sunset last weekend

Branches in the Texel dunes

Watered web

Cows near Oudeschild

Foggy morning near Oudeschild

RK church, Den Burg

Horses in the Texel dunes


Digging ants in my gel farm

Autumn on Texel

Dead hare

Red skies over Texel

Waiting for spring... @ paal 9 beach Texel

My Tubo pictures (adroid app)

Perfect sunrise over Texel this morning

Nearly full moon

Texel dunes