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Dead birds on the Texel beach

TX25 near Paal 15

Lonesome truck Paal 13 beach

beach 'De Slufter'

Unique nature in 'De Slufter' - Texel

Unique nature in 'De Slufter' - Texel

Washed ashore, Paal 8 beach - Texel

inn de Knip restaurant - Den Hoorn Texel

It's gone!!!

Texel dunes in February

Sunrise this morning near Oudeschild


Washed ashore, Paal 16 beach - Texel

Hotel 't Pakhuus, Oudeschild - Texel

Groeneplaats, Den Burg - Texel

Texel sheep in the morning

The new 'old fish market', Oudeschild


Sunrise this morning in Oudeschild

Red skies over Texel

Beware of sharks???

New view fishing harbour, Oudeschild

Den Burg centre totally changed

Old bench

Birds looking for food