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Kitesurfer at the Ceres beach

De Slufter - Texel

Beautiful nature in De Slufter - Texel

De Slufter - Texel

Sunset today at the Paal 9 beach, Den Hoorn


Sunset Westerweg, looking at Den Hoorn

Nice spot!!! (with many memories)

Flying goose

Texel sheep near De Mokbaai

Texel sheep near De Mokbaai

Sunrise last wednesday near the Oudeschild harbor

TX33 is coming home in Oudeschild

Goose in the field near Oudeschild

Sunrise near Oudeschild

TX21 is coming home in Oudeschild

Lighthouse Texel

A man with a dog near the lighthouse Texel

Lighthouse Texel

Looks like a forrest from above

De Hors, most beautiful spot on Texel (IMHO)

Seagulls enjoying the sun

Looking at Den Hoorn

De Hors - Texel

Looking at Den Hoorn

Texelse Halve Marathon - Den Burg

Wielerronde Den Burg

Texel landscape - Den Hoorn area

WR 291

Little house with guitar on top!


Sunrise Den Burg this morning at 6

Sunset at the Paal 15 beach

Chemtrails in the Texel sky

Catamaran in the sunset at Paal 15 beach

Dark clouds over the Paal 15 beach

Den Hoorn '600 jaar Stad'

Sunrise Hoornderweg

Goose looking at the TESO ferry

Crows over Den Burg