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Candle light

Sunset close up

Sunset looking to Den Hoorn

Iron christmas tree

Westenweg Den Burg Texel

Den Burg West

Sheep snow diving for food

Texel winter landscape 2009

Snowy Texel landscape

On my way to work this morning

My snowy backyard

At last! Snow on Texel - Pontweg

On my way to work this morning

Sunrise in Oudeschild - Texel

It's gone now!!!


Fish heads paal 9 beach Texel

Jumping silhouette

Colourful foam on the local beach

Surfing fun near paal 9 beach Texel

Waiting for the TESO ferry

Collage of my daily image


Working in the dunes of Texel

Playing with lights

Walking to the TESO ferry

The King

feeding the birds

Neighbour cat "Valentino"

Texel landscape Oudeschild

Texel dunes in november

Early morning light

Big clouds in Oudeschild - Texel

Overview Camping Kogerstrand De Koog Texel

Morning skies

Texel forrest

Ready for sale


Perfect sunset

Day at the Texel beach in october

Faces in Places

Looking at Den Burg from "Fonteinsnol"

sunrise in Oudeschild - Texel

Red skies

On my way to work this morning

"Westerweg" Texel

Great spot