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Foggy morning near Oudeschild

New bird

A dense fog this morning

The new skyline @ 'De Hogeberg'

Spider in my backyard

Wilbert, our new neighbour kitty

Looking at Den Hoorn


Texel dunes

'Saartje' our neighbour cat

Dark skies at the Paal 9 beach

Texel dunes near Paal 9 beach

Kitesurfers at Paal 9 beach

Land Rover invasion on Texel

City hall Den Burg Texel

Dead crab on the Texel beach

Beach houses Paal 9 beach

Windsurfer at Paal 9 beach

Dark skies @ the Texel beach today

Peek a Boo

This morning near 'De Hogeberg' - Texel