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Looking at the TESO ferry - Texel

Figs in my backyard

Our fishing spot near Den Hoorn

Paal 12 beach - Texel

Our new anemometer

Great food at Nikos the Greek - Texel

Skuumkoppe empty glass

Little pears in my vegetable garden

My vegetable garden update

Inn de Knip restaurant - Den Hoorn Texel

Crab shields - 'De Hors' Texel

Church Den Hoorn - Texel

Barbecue fun!

TESO ferry behind the nets

Rossi the neighbour cat

Strange name for red wine

'Mokbaai' Texel

Fishing nets 'De Hors' Texel

Colorful people at 'De Hors' Texel

Strange view at TESO ferry - Texel

Fishing nets 'De Hors' Texel

TESO harbour Texel

Building site town hall Den Burg

Flowers in my backyard

Sugar snaps in my vegetable garden

Sand ribbons 'De Hors' Texel

TESO ferry leaving Texel

Dunes at 'De Hors' south point of Texel

Moving beach houses at Paal 15

Seagull on the Texel beach

beach paal 15

Dinner is served!!!

Texel beach paal 15

My daily image Texel calendar

Fantastic skies tonight

Horses at the "Hoge Berg' area, Texel

Figs growing in my backyard

Strange clouds tonight!

Found on the Texel beach

Texel landscape

Paksoi in my vegetable garden


Worsteltent restaurant, Texel

Lights in a dutch train