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Queensday Den Burg

Typical 'Texel' landscape

godwit (grutto in dutch)

Old shed

Refreshing horse riding

Seniors walking at the Texel beach

First barbecue in 2010

Tulips 'De Westerweg" Den Burg Texel

Building a nest

Typical 'Texel' landscape

OSG school under construction

Fences in the vegetable gardens - Den Burg Texel

Beautiful sunset silhouette

Texel lamb enjoying the morning sun

Brakenstein, Oudeschild - Texel

Peek a Boo!!! Texel lamb

Paal 15 beach 'Westerslag' - Texel

Sunbathing goose - Texel

Paal 15 beach 'Westerslag' - Texel

Paksoi in my vegetable garden

Sand shaper works perfect!

Villapark De Witteberg - Texel

Texel dunes in april


Den Burg centre - Hotel De Lindeboom

On my way home to Den Burg

Farming Pirates on Texel???

Church windows, Den Burg

Endless branches

Home made pizza today

Early morning Texel landscape

Lovely statue

Mmmmm yummy

Horses near 'De Hogeberg' - Texel

Texel lamb